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Does G‑d Want People to Suffer?


The Lessons of War


How to Avoid World Conflicts


A Road to Nowhere


Stop Philosophizing!


(Jewish) Identity Crisis


Who Is in Charge Over Here?


To Disagree but Understand...


Are Orthodox Jews Accepting the Non-Observant?


Why Jews are Everywhere


What Do They Study in Yeshivas?


From Alexander the Great to Napoleon


Do Jews Rule the World?


How to Deal With Inflation?


Should Schools Only Teach Math and Language?


Religion According to Freud


Religion and Inspirational Myths


Why Do Orthodox Jews Dress Like Penguins?


What Do You Tell a Woman that Had an Abortion?


What Do Jews Do in Synagogue?


When People Rebelled


How Nietzsche Saved a Jew


Are Jews Aggressors?


What Are You Expecting From Your Children?


Why Do People Leave Judaism?


Do Jews Learn From History?


Jews and Cicadas


The Jewish Family Business


What is Kaddish?


Why Does One Need a Jewish Funeral?


Who Appoints Hasidic Rebbes?


What Is Anti-Zionism?


What Is Anti-Semitism?


What is Love?


What Is "Mitzvah"?


What Is "Torah"?


What Is Altruism?


What Is Spirituality?


What is a Soul?


What if Torah Contradicts Your Conscience?


Exercises With Matzah


Was Exodus an Unsuccessful Attempt of Liberation?


Should We Believe in Miracles?


Can Jewish Tradition Exist Without Religion?


Why Is Conversion to Judaism So Difficult?


Hamantaschen: What Do Ears Have to Do With Anything?


Don't Run Around Barefoot!


Don't Praise Rabbis!


What Is the Difference Between Jewish Denominations?


How Hitler's Teacher Taught Jews a Lesson


Do We Have a Bright Future?


Why Trump Lost


A "Little Red Riding Hood" - the Jewish Version


Newton's Jewish Secrets


Don't give stones to beggars!


Do Rabbis Recommend Vaccination?


Should We Listen to Scientists or to Rabbis?


Why Are There So Many Rules In Judaism?


Don't you feel sorry for G-od?


Is Jewish World Black and White?


Are Rabbis Missing Some Screws?


The Lessons of Elections


Why Do Politics Have So Much Hate?


Should We Defend Our Freedoms?


Is Judaism Progressive?


Should Children Apologize to Their Parents?


Faith and Science


The Meaning of This Year's Name


Do only prophets hear G‑d?


Don't Be Too Humble!


Why Do Jews Value Education?


Why Are Rabbis Just Like Clowns?


Why Don't Jerusalem Houses Look Nice?


Will Orthodox Jews Burn in Hell?


Why Do Children Need to Attend School in Person?


Were Slave Owners Moral People?


Religion. Crime. Racism.


Should Jews Demand to Remove Monuments to Anti Semites?


What Is the Difference Between Hasidic Movements?


Does Judaism Allow Polygamy?


Why Is Hard for People to Hear the Truth?


Torah on Race Relations


Bar or Mitzvah?


Why Is Pandemic Fanning the Flames of Anti-Semitism?


How Long Can We Live With Social Distancing?


What Will Our Future Look Like?


Do Orthodox Jews Support Israel?


A Confession of a Religious Crook


Why Are There Crooks Among Orthodox Jews?


Now We Are All Equal!


Can We Rely on G‑d During a Pandemic?


Lessons Learned From Quarantine


What Torah Says About Viruses


Where Does the Word Jew Come From?


How to Find a Balance Between the Spiritual and the Mundane?


What Was Wrong with USSR?


Does Religion Contradict Personal Freedom?


Does Judaism Believe in Saints?


Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?


Was Holocaust a Punishment From Above?


Does Torah Believe That All Nationalities Are Equal?


Do You Know How to Trust?


Why Is Life Unfair?


A Menorah or a New Year Tree?


The Ordinary Nazism


Do the "Religious" Have It Easier?


How to Raise Confident Children?


Why Would G‑d Care About Me?


Should Love Rule the World?


Why Are Our Lives so Difficult?


When Rabbis Agree with Atheists


Why Religion Is Not Needed for Anything?


Why Does G‑d Punish People?


Is It Appropriate to Auction off Honors in Synagogue?


What Happens When You Google G‑d?


What Do Apples Have to Do with Anything?


Can We Make a Deal with a Devil?


Is It Better for Us Jews not to Stick Out?


Can Jews Be Loyal Citizens?


Do We Need Antisemitism to Remain Jewish?


Is There a New Type of Jews?


Who Is Considered “Religious”?


Who Are the Ultra-Orthodox?


What Is a Soul?


Are You Worthy of Love?


Should Politicians Listen to Rabbis?


Should Israel Be Religious or Secular?


Why Don’t We Have a New Lubavitcher Rebbe?


Is Been a Chosen Nation - Racist?


Spiritual Marxism


Do Not Respect Judaism Too Much!


Is Giving of the Torah a Historical Fact?


Why Jews Are so Confusing?


What Is a Jew?


Gay Marriage and Religion


Do the Religious Have to Work?


Conversation with Children: Why Do Evil People Exist?


Why Does Passover Last 7 (or 8) Days?


Why Is Matzah Flat?


Vaccines and the Torah


What Does Torah Say About Vegetarianism?


Religion as a Tool of Oppression


The Meaning of Name “Esther”


Why Children Must Rebel


Why Do Spouses Get into Fights?


Abortion: Torah and the Secular View


Do Not Look for Happiness!


How Do Jews Tell Time?


Why Are Jews Always on the Move?


Don’t Wage Yesterday’s Battles!


Where Did Nazism Come from?


Why Do Jews Have Their Own Calendar?


Why Do Bad Relatives Happen to Good People?


Is There a Future for Jews in Siberia?


Why Are Jews Scattered All Over the World?


The Kabbalistic Meaning of the Number 8


Why Is Judaism Obsessed with Lighting Candles?


Can a Scientist Be Religious?


Why Can’t Women Be Rabbis?


Religion and Personal Freedom


How to Fight Antisemitism


Who Don't Atheists Believe in?


How to Win Every Debate (even with your children)


Do Rabbis Ever Doubt Their Religion?


What Does Name "Adam" Mean?


Why Are Jewish Holidays so Close to Each Other?


Why Torah’s Stories Are Hard to Believe?


Why Don't Biblical Miracles Happen Today?


What Do We Wish Each Other on Rosh Hashanah?


Why Do Jews Wear Glasses?


Discipline Through the Eyes of the Teenager


Do You Want Your Children to Be Happy?


Do You Know the Whole Story?


Why is Mezuzah Placed Slanted?


Why Does Judaism Have so Much Symbolism?


Are Corporal Punishments Humane?


Never ask your wife “Why” (… or your husband)


Jews and Hollywood


Can One Violate the Torah to Save a Life?


Are Women Second Class Citizens in Judaism?


Didn’t Moses Become an Idol?


Why Are There so Many Movements in Judaism?


How Strict Should We Be with Children?


The Right Way to Be Lazy


"You Shall not Covet Your Neighbor's Wife... or Donkey"


Was Communism Invented by the Jews?


The Spiritual Water Cycle


"Love Your Fellow as Yourself"... Seriously?


Does Israel Have a Right to Exist?


A How Can We Believe in G‑d after Holocaust?


A Synagogue or a Prison?


Why Was Pharaoh so Bad?


We Are not Immigrants!


The Comfort of Being Enslaved


Do We Have the Right to Judge Others?


Is Purim a Jewish Halloween?


The Benefit of Foreign Languages


A Cure for Bigotry


Why Does Torah Allow Slavery?


The Shocking Statistics


Why Did Nietzsche Not Like the Jews?


I Am Surprised That You Are Surprised


Why People Don’t Keep Their New Year Resolutions?


Why Don’t Jews Celebrate New Year in January?


Why Are Jews Embarrassed?


How Jews Surprised Ancient Greeks


Where Did Chasidism Come from?


Do All Religions Believe in the Same G‑d?


Why I Chose to Be a Loser


Who Is Protecting Women’s Rights?


A Dating Advice from a Grave Digger


Who Needs Religion if It Causes Terrorism?


Does G‑d Have Freckles?


Why Rabbis Are Useless


Are You a Once-A-Year Jew?


Why Is Raising Children So Difficult?


Do You Believe in Your Future?


Is Kosher Food Blessed by a Rabbi?


Why Do Chasidim Wear Strange Clothing?


Don't Raise Your Kids Secluded in a Bubble!


When Religion Goes Wrong


Why Jews Should Only Buy Brand-Name Products


Can a Person Be Moral Without Religion?


Can an Exotic Dancer Convert to Judaism?


Is It Embarrassing to Live on Welfare?


Religion is a Crutch for the Weak


Where Does the Word “Jew” Come from?


Should You Learn Judaism in a Mosque?


Why Do Jews Write from Right to Left?


Why Do Jews Have Horns?


Are Jews Really the Chosen People?


Why Don't We Mix Meat and Milk?


How Religion Hurts Education


Why Do People in Love Fight with Each Other?


Why Do Jews Wear a Kippah?


Sinners in the Temple


Is Pig the Most Non-Kosher Animal?


Religious Intolerance


Does G‑d Play Games?


Is it Enough to Be a Good Jew at Heart?


The Jewish Way of Wearing Boots


Can a Non Believer Go to a Synagogue?


The Greatest Challenge for the Jews


What is Jewish about Gefilte Fish?


What Does the Word "Torah" Mean?


How Much Space Do You Take Up?


The Kabbalistic Secrets of Facebook


Did Sir Isaac Newton Know Torah?


Can You Be Humble at a Job Interview?


A Cure for Pessimism


Can Israel be Both Jewish and Democratic?

Our Response to the UN - Chanukah


A Rabbi's Thoughts on Christian Celebrations


Darwin vs Torah


Why Do Good Parents Sometimes Raise Bad Children?


Immigration: It is All About Religion


Why Don’t Jews Bring Flowers to Funerals?


Why Do Jews Vote Left?


"Should I Vote?" Religion and Politics.


Clinton or Trump: How do You See Yourself?


Maybe, Anti-Semites are Right?


Should Religion Turn into Business?


Should Islam Be Blamed for Terrorism?


Spiritual Lessons of Biology


The Untold Truth about Conversion


Why Do People See Their Own Flaws in Others?


A Confession of a Bad Russian Parent


Why are there Self-Hating Jews?


Do You Believe We Evolved from Monkeys?


Can a Homosexual Person Come
to a Synagogue?


Continuing Your Life After Making Mistakes


Does Poverty Create Crime?

Do You Believe in People?

A Career Advice from a Rabbi.


Stop Loving Me!


Stop Loving Me!


Is naming Radical Islam as an enemy
the REAL problem?


The challenges of the "Free World"