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Our forebears were prophets. Later, prophets and prophetesses guided us, chided us and comforted us.
After I’d been saying Kaddish for several months, it occured to me that I did not understand how the prayer related to my grandmother.
Torah refers to the Five Books of Moses, the entire Hebrew Bible, and the entire corpus of religious Jewish knowledge. Torah is how the Creator shares the purpose, intent, and desire behind all that exists.
The total number of lives cut short due to smoking is staggering. Do we find that cigarette smoking is indeed forbidden by leading halachic experts of the day?
The Prohibition Against Coveting Another’s Possessions: While it may seem intuitive not to covert what is not yours, the intricacies of this prohibition may surprise you. What is the actual biblical prohibition?
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Повсеместно сложился образ еврея как очень алчного человека, ценящего только деньги…
Моше одной длинной фразой отверг предложения всех четырех "партий" ("отчаявшихся", "пораженцев", "бойцов" и...
Невероятные приключения американского раввина в России
Исследования показали, что любовь или ее недостаток формирует мозг и стимулирует выработку определенных...
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