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As some synagogues are slowly reopening, let’s take a look at this staple of Jewish life.
In the era of COVID-19, minyanim are being formed in compliance with social-distance guidelines, possibly precluding men from being called to the Torah and standing near the reader. Is it acceptable to recite the blessings on the Torah from afar?
I was overjoyed by the boy’s suggestions and felt moved that one could still have the opportunity to write to the Rebbe today.
This new situation has made me think more of my mortality and to appreciate life, but reading the stories of health-care professionals and hearing about all the death and suffering is taking a toll on even the strongest among us.
The range is huge. From doctors and nurses to liquor shops and computer stores.
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Праздник Шавуот можно назвать самым-самым недооцененным праздником. Про него не все даже знают.
Но если телу повезет, то у него, как легкий зуд неясного свойства, может возникнуть ощущение, что чего-то не хватает.
Прежде чем даровать Тору евреям, Всевышний предлагал ее другим народам, и те спрашивали: “А что в той книге написано?”
В различных трудах Каббалы и хасидизма часто задается вопрос: в чем "новость" Синайского Откровения?
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