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Rebbeca was there because Rebecca was fulfilling a promise she made to Jacob 36 years earlier.
Whatever the nature of a conflict, it is not the objective facts that drive it, but our thoughts that create the story around it.
Just as a person may become farblunget during the course of a trip, a soul may blondje in its life journey on earth.
Time and time again, it appeared as if the plucky nation of monotheists would be swallowed up by the religion du jour
Her left hand, abnormal in its growth of three fingers due to ABS (amniotic band syndrome), has come up in conversation now and then in the last two years.
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Книга "Зогар" обращает внимание на то, как по-разному описывает Тора исход Яакова в Харан
Глава рассказывает о женах Яакова, которые были дочерьми Лавана.
Нашим праотцам сопутствовало финансовое преуспевание, тем не менее материальными заботами
Рытье колодцев, несомненно, служило распространению цивилизации в те земли, где они были вырыты.
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