Virtual Pre-Shabbat Services 

The Torah law prohibits from using electronics during Shabbat, and we cannot take advantage of our phones and computers from sundown on Friday, until nightfall of the following Saturday. Therefore, Shabbat synagogue services cannot be broadcasted or recorded.

Shabbat starts with sundown on Friday, or when people formally take it on - whichever one comes first.  Formal acceptance of Shabbat is usually done during the services or during the lighting of Shabbat candles.

The place in the services where we formally accept Shabbat is “Mizmor Shir L’yom Hashabbat” – “A Psalm, a song for Shabbat day” (in our Siddurim it is on the bottom of page 158). This means that if you are conducting your services before sunset, Shabbat does not begin for you until you recite this paragraph.

Since we are unable to come to synagogue this Friday night, we decided to broadcast at least the part of the services that we are able to – until the recitation of the Psalm that formally begins the Shabbat.

This Friday night, at the time when we would have our usual services – 7:00 PM – you can join us via Facebook or Youtube broadcast. We will recite our usual prayers until “Mizmor Shir Lyom Hashabat”, and will conclude with a traditional sermon.

Few important details:

-  Women, please do NOT light Shabbat candles before watching this video broadcast. We will conclude at around at candle lighting, and you will have plenty of time to light candles till sunset. 

-  Please watch this video only when it will be airing – that is before sunset. If you will be watching it later, you will be violating Shabbat.

-  This broadcast will give us a feeling of our traditional services, but please keep in mind that according to the Jewish law this cannot constitute a communal prayer since to participate in a communal prayer one has to hear real human voices and not sounds of electronic devices. 

For Virtual Pre-Shabbat Services please visit: or Zoom Meeting ID: 410-764-500 pswrd:770