Crime and Consequence
How do we determine what is the right punishment for a crime?
A new course on the Talmud, Jewish ethics, and the United States Criminal Justice System


Six Mondays, starting February 4 th at 7:30pm

First Lecture - FREE!

Early Bird Special - only till Thursday, January 31 st
Course fee: $59, Couple’s price: $95 (2 tickets)

After January 31 st : Price: $69. Couple's price: $115 (husband and wife). 
Textbooks - $30 extra.
ARIEL, 6701 Old Pimlico Rd., Baltimore, MD 21209

Course Overview:     

  • Incarceration 
  • Death Penalty 
  • Due Process 
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Criminal Records 
  • Crime Prevention


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