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“I Have Trouble Believing in G‑d” 
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In English: Six Mondays, starting October 22nd at 7:30pm

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Course Overview:    

I Have Trouble Believing in G-D
There are many things about G‑d that bother me—for starters, what is G‑d? Besides, I can live perfectly well without Him: Why do I need Him in my life?

Does G-D Really Care?
Many Jewish observances seem petty, burdensome, and interfere with the way we choose to run our lives. Why can’t G‑d just leave me alone?

Jewish Beliefs Seem Primitive
G‑d seems to espouse outdated beliefs such as the notions of a “chosen nation” and designated gender roles. Plus, He interferes with our choice of lifestyle.

A Good G-D Who Does Bad Stuff
How can we understand and relate to G‑d’s intimate and caring presence in our lives amid the experience of suffering and tragedy?

Are Religion and Science at Odds?
How might a scientific person embrace beliefs that cannot be proven in a lab, or reconcile compelling evidence for evolution and the age of the universe with a literal reading of the Bible?

How Can I Relate to a G-D I Cannot See?
Can a finite human have an intimate relationship with an infinite G‑d? If it is indeed possible, where do I start?

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