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Are We Bound by Fate? 
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  • Are We Bound by Fate?  - Tue, 4/24 at 7:30pm
    Do we have a real freedom of choice?
  • Why Does Evil Exist?  - Tue, 5/1 at 7:30pm
    Why do bad things happen to good people?
  • Is the Limitation of Time Real? - Tue, 5/8 at 7:30pm
    Is Time Travel Possible?
  • What Is Consciousness? - Tue, 5/15 at 7:30pm
    Where does our sense of self come from?
  • Is the World Real?  - Tue, 5/22 at 7:30pm
    Or maybe there is no existence outside of our minds?
  • Who Is G‑d?  - Tue, 5/29 at 7:30pm
    Is “G‑d” just a word we use when we can’t explain something? 

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