Mitzvah - it's easy!
as one-two-three!
1. Call our office, and we’ll deliver a Charity Box to you for FREE.
2. Put a little money in it every day (except for Shabbat and Jewish Holidays).
3. Feel proud for helping our community and call us when the box is full.
You will see how easy it is to be charitable without breaking your budget!!
Giving Charity is the greatest Mitzvah. The Torah teaches that one should be giving charity every single day. If you divide among all the days of the year the money you donate annually, you will be doing a Mitzvah every day.
Helping your community is a special Mitzvah.
Having a Charity Box in your house or office is a Mitzvah by itself.
Place this Charity Box in a prominent location where you’ll be reminded about this Mitzvah.
When it is full please call us at 410-764-5000 or email us.
Call Us and You’ll get this Charity Box
To make a secure donation online - click here 
This project is sponsored by the  LAW OFFICE OF ELI BURMAN.
We thank Mr. and Mrs. Eli Burman for their active support of our community work.