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Should I Marry an Alcoholic?

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By Aron Moss


Some years ago, I met a guy and we became friends. He told me he had been an alcoholic, but he explained that he had been to Alcoholics Anonymous and had been sober for a couple of years. We then went our separate ways, keeping in touch here and there. A few weeks. He has been sober for a couple of years ago, he messaged me and asked if I wanted to give him a chance and start dating. After much discussion, I told him I had to think about it and understand more about recovered addicts.
On the one hand, I thoroughly enjoy his company, and he has all the qualities I’m looking for: He is smart, witty, committed to Judaism, kind, compassionate, thoughtful, and knows what he wants for his future home and life. To be honest, I would have never known he was an addict had he not told me so. But on the other hand, I have a history of addiction in my own family, and have always dreamed of moving away from that in my future family. So my question is, should I give him a chance, or should I steer clear of him? Can I trust his recovery, or “once an addict, always an addict”?


Let me first commend you on your levelheadedness, a quality that is exceedingly rare when it comes to relationships. You obviously have your head screwed on right, and you are walking into this with your eyes wide open. So often, people enter or avoid relationships without any clear thinking, just following their heart. That usually leads to messy situations. Your thought-out approach will serve you well.
As Jews, we believe in the power of teshuvah—that people can really change. And those who do change, who pick themselves up and turn their lives around for the better, are among the most inspiring people in the world. While there are no guarantees of what the future holds, if someone is sincerely doing the internal work and getting the appropriate help, he truly can turn a new page in life and never look back.
From the sound of things, your friend has done some hard work, and his addiction is under control at the moment. But you need to know more details about that. Is he still regularly attending AA or some other support group? Is he committed to an ongoing recovery program? Recovering addicts need continued support, whether it be daily, weekly or monthly. If he is getting appropriate support, then he has every chance of staying sober. If not, then anything can happen.
Once you get a clearer picture of his recovery, and before you get emotionally involved, you need to think long and hard—are you up for this? Can you handle having alcoholism, even in its recovery, a part of your life after what you have seen in your own family? Every person has his story. Is this a story you can take on and make your own?
If the answer is no, you can’t handle it, then that is fine. No need to feel guilty. It is a lot to carry, and maybe you have carried enough in your life. The last thing you want to do isAre you up for this? replicate the dysfunction you have witnessed in your own family. You can’t become his nurse or his therapist.
But if, after hearing the facts and thinking it over, you feel confident that he really has turned himself around and you can accept him for who he is, then give it a go. You may be lucky to have found one of those beautiful souls who has seen the darkness and conquered it. Take your time, get to know him well, and see where G‑d leads you. May it be on the correct path.

What's Wrong With Pre-Marital Intimacy?

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Почему все не так?

picture of chess

Р-н Цви Фриман

Вас никогда не мучило ощущение, что живете не ту жизнь? Что, например, в институте надо было учиться на гуманитария, а не на инженера? Что поселиться надо было в Атланте, а не в Атлантик-Сити? А жениться на Джессике, а не на Эллен?
И меньше всего вам, наверное, хотелось бы услышать, что вы, вполне возможно, правы по каждому из этих пунктов. Откуда я это знаю? Дело в том, что весь этот мир функционирует по Плану Б.
Конечно, существует и Главный План. План А. То, как все должно было бы происходить. Но за всю историю мира не было ничего, что произошло бы так, как надо.
Адам не должен был есть плод того дерева. Каин и Авель должны были разрешить свои разногласия мирной беседой. Все должны были друг с другом ладить. События с самого начала пошли настолько из рук вон плохо, что Всевышнему пришлось утопить всех и начать все сначала. Но все так и не перестало происходить неправильно.
Взять хотя бы историю Эйсава и Яакова. Эйсав родился с определенными проблемами, но он должен был совладать с собой и стать эдаким Эль Мачо – Бесстрашным Добытчиком, в то время как Яаков будет сидеть и учиться. Но Эйсав настолько увлекся частью "Эль Мачо", что Яакову в результате пришлось выполнять работу за двоих – и в том числе получить благословения Эйсава и жениться на его жене. У Яакова заняло двадцать лет вытащить этих двух жён из логова Лавана. Эйсав мог бы справиться с этим за день. Кому охота связываться с Эйсавом: Лаван бы схлопотал некоторый дискомфорт, будучи пришпиленным с стене своего шатра, но Лея принадлежала бы Эйсаву без вопросов. А Яаков? Не тот человек для такой работы. Но это был План Б.

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On a Lighter Note

After much convincing from my husband, I finally agreed to call an old family friend to sing her happy birthday. It was only after I finished singing, that the voice at the other end of the line informed me, that it was the wrong number. "Oh I'm sorry" I said, embarrassed. "It's ok", the voice said "you can use all of the practice you can get!"

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