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Радикальный Поворот

Радикальный Поворот

New course in Russian

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"Paradigm Shift:
Transformational Life Teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe"
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1. Взгляд на Мир: Оптимизм без наивности
Your Outlook on the World Around You
2. Взгляд на Себя: Узнай свой потенциал
Your Outlook on Yourself
3. Взгляд на свою Душу: Жизненная установка
Your Outlook on Your Soul
4. Взгляд на Религию: Должны ли мы слепо верить
Your Outlook on Religion
5. Взгляд на свои Ошибки: Каковой была наша жизнь задумана
Your Outlook on Your Mistakes
6. Взгляд на Будущее: К чему движется наш мир
Your Outlook on the Future

6 Sundays beginning May 4th at 11:00AM
6701 Old Pimlico Rd., Baltimore, MD 21209
(near "Royal Farms" on the corner of Smith Avenue)
Babysitting is available in Baltimore location. Register in advance.

6 Mondays beginning May 5th at 8:00 pm

11621 Seven Locks Rd. Potomac, MD 20854
At Chabad Shul of Potomac
(additional parking - across the street at the Ivy Mount School)

Regular Price: $69 Special Couple's price: $115 (husband and wife)
Bagel Brunch included. Textbooks - $25 extra.

First Lecture of the Course - FREE!
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For questions or more information call: (410) 764-5000
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