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Курс из 6 лекций на русском языке. Первая лекция - бесплатно.

1. Misconceptions of Torah - Что было плодом древа познания добра и зла
2. Jewish Life Cycles - Циклы еврейской жизни
3. Evil Eye, Angels and Curses - Верит ли Иудаизм в сглаз
4. Jewish Food - Еврейская еда и кошер
5. Jewish Languages - История языка иврит
6. Are All Religions The Same - Все ли религии одинаковы

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Fascinating Facts

- Is "an eye for an eye" meant to be taken literally? - What does "abracadabra" mean?
- What is the "evil eye"? - Do Jews believe in Satan? - Who wrote "the writing on the wall"?
- What kind of tree was the "tree of knowledge"? - Do angels have wings? - Did Moses have horns?