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Everyone knows that Jewish weddings take place under a chupah under the open skies. But no one I ask seems to know why. Is there a reason for this?
My son just got engaged to a wonderful Jewish girl, thank G‑d. We love and adore her—she is so good to him. But there is one issue: She has zero interest in Judaism
All chassidim, young and old, and of every inclination, are swept up in the euphoric, dramatic, joyous uplift of Rabbi Levi Yitzchak’s lively chassidic dance tune, "Nigun Hakafot."
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ARIEL Hebrew School Gtaduation 2015
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Причина того, что дети проявляют способности, которыми родители, казалось...
Мне прописали лекарство, а там в составе фармацевтический желатин. Почитал...
В десяти заповедях говорится: "Не завидуй". Означает ли это, что если я...
Она родилась и выросла в Боро-Парке, вышла замуж, но брак оказался...
Когда вы чем-то огорчены, вы идете к отцу или к матери? "Как жалеет отец...
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Said Rabbi Berechia: The Exodus from Egypt is comparable to a fat man who is riding on a donkey. The donkey longs: "O when will he get off me"; and he longs: "O when will I get off the donkey." As soon as he gets off, the man is happy and the donkey is happy. Still I do not know: who is the happier? [So the Psalmist proclaims:] "Egypt rejoiced when they went"
Midrash Tehilim

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